Photo of a dinosaurPhoto of a giant insect

Servicing and maintenanceof moving dinosaur and insect models

How we work

  • Refinement of models
  • Signing of the contract
  • 50% prepayment
  • Manufacturing
  • Copayment
  • Delivery

Manufacture and supply of insects, dinosaurs and fossils

  • {"ru":"Тираннозавр","en":"Tyrannosaurus"}Tyrannosaurus
  • {"ru":"Цикада","en":"Cicada"}Cicada
  • {"ru":"Спинозавр","en":"Spinosaurus"}Spinosaurus
    {"ru":"Композиция из 2 окаменелостей","en":"Composition of 2 fossils"}Composition of 2 fossils
    {"ru":"Трицератопс и тираннозавр","en":"Triceratops and tyrannosaurus"}Triceratops and tyrannosaurus

Our partners

Yurkin Park in KirovYurkin Park in Kirov
Yurkin Park in UfaYurkin Park in Ufa
Yurkin Park in KazanYurkin Park in Kazan


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