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Catalog of Attractions

Any amusement rides to order or the implementation of the entire entertainment area «turnkey»

  • Room of fear

    Room of fear

    The best effects and unique mechanisms in one place with a single electronic center. Switching between 4 levels of intimidation is possible. Each figure has light and sound accompaniment.

  • Panic room animatrons

    Panic room animatrons

    All kinds of props for the panic room: pneumatic mechanical dolls, video props, mechanisms, electronics and much more.

  • Interactive shooting range

    Interactive shooting range

    Weapons can be varied: from a space blaster to a magic staff. The shooting range is attractive for both children and adults. Team play and automatic hit counting is possible.

  • Rain room

    Rain room

    An interactive installation that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the magic of the rain, but at the same time, stay dry. This became possible due to the use of the most modern electronic systems and sophisticated software. The interactive complex monitors all movements of people and controls the flow of water.

  • Science Museum

    Science Museum

    A complex of interactive exhibits for children, in which, in a playful way, participants explore the fascinating world of mechanics, fluid, optics, electricity and even space. Exhibits can and should be twisted, tugged, assembled puzzles, programmed and much more.

  • Washing machine

    Washing machine

    An interactive attraction in which participants find themselves in the drum of a washing machine. The drum rotates slowly, people are forced to move in a circle, or turn over with the drum. The drum walls are soft and safe.

  • Vortex tunnel

    Vortex tunnel

    Entering the tunnel of optical illusions, a person falls into a rotating vortex. The human brain is not used to such transformations of the surrounding space. This is a portal through space and time, just as a person does not try to persuade himself that everything is normal, the senses fail, the legs give way and the person lies on the handrail.

  • Laser maze

    Laser maze

    The essence of the attraction is that you need to go through a network of laser beams. If, during the passage, it catches a beam, a sound and light siren is triggered.

  • Escape room equipment

    Escape room equipment

    A wide range of reliable technical solutions — control, light, sound, electric locks, hiding places, laser control, and much more. Additionally, we can use pneumatics, electric motors, gearboxes for any movement of objects. All solutions and the room are ready to be completed «turnkey».

  • Infinity boat

    Infinity boat

    Participants fall into a rotating mirror cube. The rotation is accompanied by interactive lighting, the modes of which change throughout the entire session. To enhance the effect throughout the entire session, the rotation speed changes from minimum to maximum.

  • Infinity Labyrinth

    Infinity Labyrinth

    The essence of the attraction is to create the illusion of infinity of space and a beautiful light show. The attraction is releasing spectacular photos and videos that will undoubtedly advertise the attraction on social networks. Mirrored walls allow you to make an attraction in a small area.

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How we work

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Mounting Methods

Full construction

It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 people). Transfer (air / railway) and installation is calculated individually.

Self assembly

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions

Installation supervision

The foreman provided by the company leads the team invited by the Customer. Transfer (air / railway) and installation are calculated individually.


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