Climbing walls

design, construction and installation
  • Low pricesfrom 290k RUB
  • Short timefrom 1 month
  • Reliable Warranty12 months
  • Supportthroughout the life cycle

What objects are we building?

Individual approach to each customer — we take into account the location of the climbing gym, wishes for design, project budget.

  • Sport climbing gyms photo

    Sport climbing gyms

    Climbing gyms complexes from designing to installation on the place, any modification and complete set. Warranty on all equipment and installation work

    from 400k RUB
  • Home climbing gyms photo

    Home climbing gyms

    Fascinating sports projectile, easy to install on a small area indoors. Excellent opportunity to train climbing skills without leaving home

    from 100k RUB
  • Mobile climbing gyms photo

    Mobile climbing gyms

    Reliable portable demountable structures for climbing, no foundation preparation required. Offers for active recreation — from children`s holidays to corporate parties

    from 80k RUB
  • Street climbing gyms photo

    Street climbing gyms

    Outdoor climbing construction — mobile and stationary, great for competitions, shows and just training

    from 290k RUB

How we work

  • Project agreement
  • Signing of the contract
  • Drawing up the terms of reference
  • Visualisation of the project in 3D
  • Payment
  • Installation

Our advantages

  • Installment plans

    We offer individual payment terms for each client

  • 3D model

    We visualize your future park with a 3D model.

  • Legal aid

    We provide consulting support

  • Master Plan

    We determine the most preferable option for project implementation and form a development concept

Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Answer four questions and we will pick up the best option

The objects we built

In 12 years we have built over 100 projects, some of which are as follows

  • Vyborg Frame Rope ParkVyborg

    Frame Rope Park

    The rope park «Abordage» is made in the style of a ship with an observation tower. The frame type of the park.

  • Kislovodsk Rope Park on a treesKislovodsk

    Rope Park on a trees

    The park, located in a pine forest, is always popular with visitors. The peculiarity of the park is its accommodation on a slope.

  • Arkhangelsk Rope Park on artificial polesArkhangelsk

    Rope Park on artificial poles

    The multi-level park on solid foundations is one of the largest projects. Receives guests of the most different level of preparation.

  • Anapa Frame Rope ParkAnapa

    Frame Rope Park

    The rope park on the Black Sea coast is a great attraction for active recreation lovers.

Build a profitable business with us!

  • We offer a wide range of equipment

  • We can help with the development of the park.

  • We will provide consulting support

  • We provide seasonal service


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