Navigation and signposting signs

for your amusement park
  • Low pricesfrom 1 000 roubles
  • Short timefrom 1 week
  • Reliable Warranty12 months
  • Supportthroughout the life cycle

Catalogue of signs and markers

Signposts, signs and signage are the things that catch the eye, provide information and point people in the right direction.

  • Information plates
  • Navigation decals
  • Augmented reality signs
  • Stylised signs

How we work

Producing navigation is a complex, multi-stage process that is best left to proven specialists.

  • Design layout development
  • Planning for accommodation in the area
  • Making constructions

Specifics of signposting for parks

In a park, all elements are installed outdoors. This is why materials that are resistant to various weather factors should be used for their manufacture.

In addition, the navigation should match the theme of the park and blend in seamlessly with its overall design.

Examples of implementation

Our partners

Yurkin Park in KirovYurkin Park in Kirov
Yurkin Park in UfaYurkin Park in Ufa
Yurkin Park in KazanYurkin Park in Kazan


  • Delivered in an ordinary truck

  • The large figures (over 2.3 m) are delivered in dismantled form and assembled at the installation site

  • Small and medium figures in the assembled condition in the crate

Photo delivery shapes


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