Turn-key Design
projects of Dinoparks

from concept to project ready

How we work

  • Forming the concept of a park
  • Concept development and design of an amusement park
  • Project development with ground specifics in mind
  • Preparation and coordination of the Master Plan

What do you get on the master plan

  • 1.

    Location of models, including their characteristics

  • 2.

    Free zones plan: walking alleys, walkways

  • 3.

    Technical facilities: cash desks, cleaning rooms, medical station, mother and child rooms

  • 4.

    Shops: catering, cafes, attractions

  • 5.

    The concept of the scenery

  • 6.

    Places with the highest concentration of people

  • 7.

    Arrangement of objects in accordance with the landscape

  • 8.

    Maximum number of visitors per day

  • 9.

    The payback of the park as a whole

  • 10.

    Calculation of project implementation cost

  • 11.

    Advertising park concept

  • 12.

    Development plan for several years

An example of a park in Kazan

An example of a park in Kazan photo
An example of a park in Kazan photoAn example of a park in Kazan photo

Example of the arrangement of figures in an active complex

  • Example of the arrangement of figures in an active complex
  • Example of the arrangement of figures in an active complexExample of the arrangement of figures in an active complex
Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Answer four questions and we will pick up the best option

Manufacture and supply of insects, dinosaurs and fossils

  • ТираннозаврTyrannosaurus
  • ЦикадаCicada
  • СпинозаврSpinosaurus
    Композиция из 2 окаменелостейComposition of 2 Fossils
    Трицератопс и тираннозаврTriceratops and Tyrannosaurus

Maintenance and development assistance for the park

  • Organize annual service for models and mechanisms

  • We will help with the development of the park.

  • We will provide consulting support

Recommended placement options

  • Hotels and hotels - placement photoHotels and hotels
  • Rope parks and amusement parks - placement photoRope parks and amusement parks
  • Thematic public areas - placement photoThematic public areas
  • Cafes and restaurants - placement photoCafes and restaurants
  • Mobile exhibitions for shopping malls and outdoor areas - placement photoMobile exhibitions for shopping malls and outdoor areas
  • Playgrounds - placement photoPlaygrounds
  • Middle park - placement photoMiddle park
  • Standard dinopark - placement photoStandard dinopark
  • Big dinopark - placement photoBig dinopark

Our partners

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