Manufacture of animatronics - figures for amusement park

Manufacture of animatronicsfor amusement park

  • Low pricesWe offer real prices, determined by the complexity of work
  • Fast productionfrom one month
  • Guaranteed quality12 months warranty
  • Qualified supportGet the help you want throughout the life cycle

Who are we?

is a Russian manufacturer of static and animatronic exhibition figures of dinosaurs, insects, decorations and other small architectural forms for amusement parks, shopping malls and entertainment industry facilities of any kind.

Our production facilities, with a total area of over 500 m², use proven and reliable production technologies, high quality raw materials and equipment.

We guarantee you incredibly creative and creative decisions, high level of service and quality, the shortest terms of performance of orders and unsurpassed professionalism!

We hope that together with you we will make a great contribution to the development of the theme parks industry across Russia, so that each of our compatriots could find themselves in the world created by Steven Spielberg!

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Dinosaurs photo


Static and animatronic dinosaur models for your amusement park

Fossils photo


Realistic figures of archeological excavations, dinosaur traces

Insects photo


Statistical and animatronic insect models from small to huge

Fiberglass figures photo

Fiberglass figures

Fabulous characters, human and animal figures for your amusement park

Sets of Figures photo

Sets of Figures

Prepared sets of figures, taking into account the park area

Kid’s weather stations photo

Kid’s weather stations

Gaming equipment for observation of weather changes

Do you want to buy figures for amusement parks?

Do you want to buy figures for amusement parks?

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Design of turnkey dinoparks

From the concept to the ready-to-implement project

  • Design of turnkey dinoparks
  • Design of turnkey dinoparks
  • Design of turnkey dinoparks

Our partners

Yurkin Park in KirovYurkin Park in Kirov
Yurkin Park in UfaYurkin Park in Ufa
Yurkin Park in KazanYurkin Park in Kazan

Construction and servicing of parks

We are engaged in rope parks, rock-climbing walls and zip-laines for more than 10 years, we use only high-quality components

Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Are you planning on starting an amusement park?

Answer four questions and we will pick up the best option

Frequently Asked Questions

💰 What’s the price of animatronic?

The cost of the model depends on its specifications: dinosaur model, size, set of movements, color, as well as takes into account other customer requirements. The minimum cost is 50k RUB.

🦕 Can you make a model according to our wishes?

Yes, we will take into account all your wishes and produce the necessary model for you.

🕗 Why is the production period at least 1 month?

This is due to the process cycle and the need to strictly monitor quality. It is necessary to select reliable components, carry out the project and calculate the loads, firmly weld and test the joints for at least 48 hours, apply the paint and wait for its complete drying and after final assembly to test for at least 100 hours.

👍 How do you confirm the quality of your dinosaur?

We use proven components from reliable suppliers. We perform multi-level continuity testing on each model.

🔈 Is the sound of your dinosaurs synchronized with the movement?

Yes. When a dinosaur opens his mouth, the sound starts to play, and when he closes it stops. Our team has a professional sound engineer who prepares a quality soundtrack.

🌀 Can your dinosaur be used in extreme weather conditions?

Yes. Our dinosaurs are reliably protected and ready to work both indoors and outdoors at a constant temperature.

🌦 How much is it protected from the sun/rain/snow?

The use of special materials on the skin of the dinosaur can protect it from both water and sunlight.

💯 What is your warranty period?

12 months, after the warranty period has expired, we can provide lifetime after-sales service.

🦎 Can you make models that are not listed in your catalogue?

Yes. Our production allows you to make arbitrary models that you may be interested in.

🔧 Can you install the models on location?

Yes. We’ll send engineers to install our dinosaurs on your grounds.


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