Topiary figures

Manufactured from a sturdy frame and artificial green cover that is visually indistinguishable from natural grass
  • Low pricesWe offer real prices, determined by the complexity of work
  • Short time30 — 45 days
  • Reliable Warranty12 months
  • Supportthroughout the life cycle

Topiary figures catalogue

From small models to huge ones


  • Standing Bear topiary - photoStanding bear
  • Topiary Bear Standing (Brown) - photoStanding bear (brown)
  • Topiary figure Moose - photoElk
  • Topiary figure Reindeer - photoReindeer
  • Hare topiary figure - photoHare
  • Topiary figure Squirrel - photoSquirrel
  • Topiary figure of a lion - photoLeo
  • Topiary figure of a standing lion - photoA standing lion
  • Topiary figure Lioness - photoThe Lioness
  • Rhinoceros topiary figure - photoRhinoceros
  • Topiary figure Elephant - photoElephant
  • Topiary figure of a seal - photoSeal
  • Monkey topiary figure - photoMonkey
  • Topiary Penguin - photoPenguin


  • Stegosaurus topiary figure - photoStegosaurus
  • Triceratops topiary figure - photoTriceratops
  • Topiary figure Ankylosaurus - photoAnkylosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus topiary figure - photoDilophosaurus
  • Parazaurolof topiary figure - photoParasaurolophus
  • Topiary figure Pterodactyl - photoPterodactyl
  • Triceratops topiary figure - photoTriceratops
  • Doesn’t burn out under the sun
  • Resistant to low temperatures
  • Easy to clean under running water
  • Maintains its qualities for a long time

How we create shapes

We make figures from metal frame, metal mesh, fibreglass and artificial turf

  • Creating a 3D model of a topiary figure - photo

    Creating a 3D model

  • Metal mesh welding and wrapping of a topiary figure - photo

    Metal mesh welding and cladding

  • Glass fibre reinforcement of a topiary figure - photo

    Fibreglass reinforcement

  • Approval before sending the topiary figure - photo

    Approval before shipment

How we work

  • Refinement of models
  • Signing of the contract
  • Prepayment 70%
  • Production
  • Surcharge 30%
  • Delivery


  • Delivered in an ordinary truck

  • The large figures (over 2.3 m) are delivered in dismantled form and assembled at the installation site

  • Small and medium figures in the assembled condition in the crate

Photo delivery shapes

Frequently Asked Questions

📦 How do I order?

1. Select the item you are interested in purchasing.
2. Leave a request on our website, through any convenient form: «Order a call-back», «Leave a request».
3. Within 10 minutes our manager will contact you.

🛠 Do you manufacture or resell?

We are a Russian manufacturer of static and animatronic exhibition figures of dinosaurs, insects, decorations and other small architectural forms for amusement parks, shopping centres and entertainment facilities of all kinds.

🧭 Where are you located?

We are located in Kirov, Kirov region, Russia

🔎 Do you give production tours?

Group entertainment excursions are not available. Conducting a guided tour to a customer — on individual request.

🌦 Are the figures resistant to all weather conditions?

Resistance to weather conditions is achieved by designing for wind and snow conditions according to the location of the site.

💥 Is there a guarantee?

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of manufacture. We guarantee the quality of the product and its proper and safe operation throughout its entire service life, provided that the user complies with the regulations for transport, storage and operation.

🦎 Can you produce a model that is not in your catalogue?

Yes. Our production allows us to make any model you might be interested in. We will consider all your wishes and produce the model you need.

💰 How are the figures calculated?

The cost of the figures is calculated individually. Depending on the size, model and characteristics of the figure.

🕗 Why is the production period at least 1 month?

This is due to the process cycle and the need to strictly monitor quality. It is necessary to select reliable components, carry out the project and calculate the loads, firmly weld and test the joints for at least 48 hours, apply the paint and wait for its complete drying and after final assembly to test for at least 100 hours.


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