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Figures for Dino Park in Okhta Park, St Petersburg

Dino Park in Okhta Park is a large and unique theme park measuring an entire hectare. The park is located in the Leningrad region and welcomes visitors every day. In total, we have produced 28 figures for Dino Park.

Diplodocus by DinoMachineCarnotaurus and Triceratops by DinoMachine
Barionix by DinoMachine

Most of the finished figures are animatronic dinosaurs. They make sounds, open their eyes, move their abdomen, neck, tail and paws. All the figures are made from environmentally friendly and durable materials.

Amargasaurus by DinoMachinePterodactyl by DinoMachine
Pachycephalosaurus by DinoMachineDimetrodon by DinoMachine

Velociraptors are the smallest dinosaur figures that have been made for Dino Park. The biggest figures were the dinosaurs Carnotaurus and Tyrannosaurus, each 9 metres high.

Velociraptor by DinoMachineCarnotaurus by DinoMachine
Tyrannosaurus by DinoMachineCarnotaurus by DinoMachine

In addition to the dinosaurs, we made 2 static eggs and one animatronic egg with a Velociraptor inside. They were specially ordered for the photo area that was set up in the park.


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