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Parasaulophus animatronicus for the museum and exhibition complex

For the Jurassic Park exhibition at the Shemanovsky Museum and Exhibition Complex in Salekhard, an animatronic dinosaur figure Parasavlophus and an interactive dig for children were made.

The aim of the exhibition is to tell children about the period when dinosaurs lived as visually and illustratively as possible.

The moving dinosaur Parasaulophus, which makes certain sounds, was chosen for the exhibition. Once dimensions and layouts had been agreed, Dinomachine set about making the figure. Once on display, the dinosaur became the centrepiece of the exhibition because it is very bright, dynamic and of interest to children, especially when it starts moving and 'talking'.

And the second part of the order is an interactive dig for children. This keeps a large number of children busy at the same time, and at the same time, while the children are working on the dig, a guide talks about the profession of a palaeontologist.

A dinosaur figurine for children is a fascinating experience to visualise and see 'live' prehistoric inhabitants and to change the usual perception of dinosaurs. In addition, our models are made from environmentally friendly materials, are completely safe to use and have a long service life.


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